Thursday, January 24, 2008

During Hari Raya Season

These Photo was taken during Hari Raya Season 2007 in Brunei (from the left Me, Sir Dong, Francis and Sir Toto.)

First time kong umattend ng ganitong celebration, ang daming tao at ibat ibang lahi, pero lahat nagkakasundo at nagkakaintindihan. Taunan kung dumating ang ganitong celebration, usually October after their fasting season. Ang alam ko lang maraming nag imbita sa amin na pumunta sa mga bahay nila para kumain ng kumain ng kumain at magpasalamat. yun lng po ang alam ko. hehehehehehee

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get Together Party 2007

The Get Together Party held at Our Office Dated December 29, 2007 (which is also a birthday of my friend Owen).

The setup for this gathering has been paid off when the result of the Party was tremendously amazingly great!!!! the lights we setup and the sound was almost synchronized(even though have a little technical problems)). The program was divided in some ministry, some ministry prepare the foods, some prepare chairs and tables, some for budgeting the money for these event, some for games and for my ministry was technical setup of lights and sounds.I can't imagine that for all I know that there are no time to prepare such a wonderful events but it comes out just fine, God really is a good for he has given us a Great Leader and a great follower like us (M & E, B & L, Civil, MMS and others(sorry if I forget someone).

(Kuya Chito di mo kami binigyan ng barbeque ha! hehehehe).

I wanted to attached the video and photo but I accidentally deleted it when i format my cellphone. Just standby for i will search for other members to give their photo and video for these post.

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What is a snake?

1 Any of numerous scaly, legless, sometimes venomous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes or Ophidia (order Squamata), having a long, tapering, cylindrical body and found in most tropical and temperate regions.

2 A treacherous person. Also called snake in the grass

But in this post let's just talk about the number 1.
snake is not that dangerous if you are alert on what they can do, Don't be scare of the snakes, no matter how large it is. The snake was just protecting himself for they were scared of us also, they react only when we react violently and chasing them, so be aware.

Here is a TIP that you can do. If you are walking or in one place and a snake is a small distance of space here's what you do:
1) Do not try to hurt it, whack it away or try to scare it away.
2) Do not make any fast motions, and don't run!
3) Steadily move away from the snake, showing no fear, or no expression.
4) Don't laugh or make any vibration because they pick this up in their body and feel threatened so they will strike.
5) Just slowly move away as i said and you'll be safe.

Most snakes are scared of you just like you are of them, but their brains don't think like ours do. They are constantly in the "Fight or Flight" mode. If you get too close or startle them, they will bite.

What is this all about?

To start a blog you need a topic, but what the heck! i dont know which topic should i particullarly indicate and commented, i just want to say anything that"s all.. anyone can comment also and say anything but just be careful, i might not approved it ok! you can add photo and video of anything, you can also add songs and poem if you feel it in your heart, just be yourself!! marco

here is the example of some of the photo i have taken at breaktime at our work. (posing posing lang hehehehe) Photo showing my and Kuya Erwin with the girls of Royal Weaving for after the Hariraya Celebration at Royal Weaving. The women insisted of making a memorable photo with us, so what do you expect it with two boys at the center of beautiful women(ehem) viola viola. perfecto!!!!