Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Remove Windows Genuine Activation

Brief Explanation about WGA:

It show in the boot up of your computer or having a balloon pop up saying that your computer is not original and inviting you to update or buy the registration number.

To Remove Windows Genuine Activation .

Download the batch file that i made then after you run the file. reboot your computer! thats it! enjoy!

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Listen Live: Monster Radio Cebu

Listen Live: Monster Radio Cebu

To Download any Youtube Video or Flash Games

To download any Youtube videos or Flash Games you need a download manager.
Here is the site where you can download it for free:

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To Boot your Windows Xp Faster

To boot your windows xp faster, you need to remove or disable the program that you don't usually used during the startup of your computer.
Here is the small but powerful software for you to have for free. Just download it in this site.

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