Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday Ni Chito (wala AKO DUN huhuhhu)

Birthday Ni Chito (wala AKO DUN huhuhhu)

Sunday 20 July 2008 celebration in Tungku link Beach, Brunei Darussalam

Waaaaaaaaaaaa I just want to post this to shout out, sayang i have a chance of going with them in the afternoon break because i have one and a half hour of breaktime. But for some reason (which is called tamad na pumunta antok nako) came into my mind.

I heard that Colleague boy's of mine just gave me a great chat about what happen in the celebration done. i dont have time yet to spread the gosip but they said picture paints a thousand words, so just wait for the photo.... guys beware bwahahahahahaa
(useless post i know but but)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dua Khalil Aswad may god be with you!

My Friend told me about this. She asked me if I’ve watched a clip which has been going around on handphones. I said no. so i watched it and deliberately shocked of my lifetime.....

I asked her what its about and she told me that the clip’s about a guy who kills his girlfriend. It happened in Malaysia. He drops a big cement block on her head, blood oozes out from her head and with that final blow, she died. She was kicked and stepped on by a number of people, clip was a bit fuzzy so the images were a bit blur. But its obvious what has happened, a murder has taken place and someone in the crowd has it recorded on their handphone.

After the block of cement was dropped…

The story goes somewhat like this, I can’t be bothered to read up again on what people have been saying is the story behind the murder, but this is what basically happened.

Hazwan has a girlfriend and this girlfriend of his has an ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend wants to get back with her and she agrees. She leaves Hazwan for her ex and in a fit of anger he kills both his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. Hazwan is then given the death penalty, death by hanging. But before he dies, he was asked if he has any last requests and he asks for a recorder and a guitar. He then composes a song for the ex that he killed. Hazwan then asks for the song to be distributed. This is the song, if you want to listen to it, its on youtube.

Perangkap Cinta

Bertahun sudah ku menunggu dirimu
akhirnya kau menjadi milikku
sukarnya untuk ku melupakan mu kerna kau ku cintai selalu..

Chorus :
Tapi sayang kehadiran kekasih lama mu..
datang kembali mengenang cinta dahulu..
mengapa ini semua harus berlaku..
apakah ini semua kerna diriku..
sedangkan aku cuma watak dalam percintaan..
tak sanggup… aku melepaskan mu…
Kau ibarat terperangkap di tengah lautan…
tak tahu mana arah untuk kau menuju…

ulang chorus
Kau ibarat terperangkap di tengah lautan…
tak tahu mana arah untuk kau menuju…
Andai kau pinta untuk melepaskan mu…
terpaksa aku turutkan….
Mungkinkah ini suatu pengajaran di dalam percintaan.

Back to my friend, she says its all a lie!

The song is actually an old song which was not written by any murderer.

The video is actually of a 17 year old Iraqi girl, her name is Dua Khalil. She’s a Yazidi, a minority in Iraq who are said to be “devil worshippers” by the rest of Iraq cause they worship this idol which resembles the devil. The Yazidi is a Middle Eastern religion, having a syncretic combination of Zoroastrian, Manichaean, Jewish, Nestorian Christian, and Islamic elements. She was a victim of honor killing. She was killed for having a relationship with a Sunni Arab, a muslim. Speculations state that she also converted to Islam to be closer to the boy. She was also said to have shamed her family by not returning one night.

Her father had her hidden by a clergyman in fear of her life. It was also said that she either went back home because she was abducted by her uncle and two of her cousins, or it was because she was told that she has been forgiven so it was safe for her to go back home.

She was then taken out of her home and stoned on the streets by 8-9 men. Hundreds watched and even took recordings of the incident. I saw the video and she was kicked, stepped and trodded on by these men. She struggled greatly and even managed to sit up when she was kicked again. The last blow was this large cement block. Happens dated April 6, 2007

She was buried with a dog to show how worthless she was. Sad. All this just because she was in love with someone different religion.

I know it's not suited to post here this kind of matter but i just want to make the world to wake up someday that there is something wrong going on and need to be mended while still can...

please pray for her soul....

If you want to see the video, here it is click