Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday Ni Chito (wala AKO DUN huhuhhu)

Birthday Ni Chito (wala AKO DUN huhuhhu)

Sunday 20 July 2008 celebration in Tungku link Beach, Brunei Darussalam

Waaaaaaaaaaaa I just want to post this to shout out, sayang i have a chance of going with them in the afternoon break because i have one and a half hour of breaktime. But for some reason (which is called tamad na pumunta antok nako) came into my mind.

I heard that Colleague boy's of mine just gave me a great chat about what happen in the celebration done. i dont have time yet to spread the gosip but they said picture paints a thousand words, so just wait for the photo.... guys beware bwahahahahahaa
(useless post i know but but)

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